ZES Products is reinventing the way you fill a pre-rolled cone.

If you never have been able to roll your own, or you are sick of the time it takes and the mess it can create when filling a pre-rolled cone, The REVOLVER is for you!

We developed The REVOLVER device with a SIMPLE design, that’s EASY to use, and is QUICK to fill a pre-rolled cone.

The idea was born out of the need for a solution, and then carefully designed, tested and proven to ensure you get a robust device that works.

Check out our video library below for more information and demonstrations of the unique features that set The REVOVLER apart from other cone filling devices.

Welcome to The REVOLVER

Simple. Easy. Quick. That’s The REVOLVER. That’s #RevolutionaryHerbs

  • Welcome to The REVOLVER

    Simple. Easy. Quick. That’s The REVOLVER. That’s #RevolutionaryHerbs

  • Demo of The REVOLVER

    Join the Founder of ZES Products, LLC and the Inventor of The REVOLVER for a walk through of the customer package and demonstration of The REVOLVER

  • The REVOLVER vs Raw 6Shooter

    We get asked often, “What’s thedifference between The REVOLVER and the RAW 6 Shooter?” so we thought we’d go start to finish and fill 3 pre-rolled cones

  • A Bottom Container? Yes We Did

    One of the features of The REVOLVER that sets it apart from other cone filling devices is the bottom catch. By utilizing the 6th chamber in the middle of the unit, grinds flow through from the grinder to the bottom catch for use in another way or to store for future use.

  • The Lifter Ring

    One of the unique features of The REVOLVER is the lifter ring. It allows you to easily eject one to five pre-rolled cones from the device, and hold them in place outside of the device, making it easy to close up each cone before you enjoy them.

  • Filling One & One-Quarter Cones

    The REVOLVER fits cones of all sizes from the smallest, at one and one-quarter, to king. In this video, we show you how to use The REVOLVER to fill a one and one-quarter sized cone to perfection. Enjoy!

  • Crushed Cones? You’re Going to Be OK

    Mistakes happen. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s a friend’s. In this quick How To video, we show you what to do if someone lifts on the ejector ring while the grinder-and-funnel assembly is attached and pre-rolled cones are being stored in the center of the device.